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INVU Ultra Polarized

glare-free vision
with exceptional
contrasts and
color perception

The INVU Perfect Vision Technology

multi-layer lens technology

featured in all INVU sunglasses

INVU Ultra Polarized Lens Story

The INVU ultra polarized lens is the next generation in polarized lens technology. This unique nine-layer lens selectively filters out reflected glare and offers clear, glare-free vision with high contrast and exceptional color perception.

By working with the best-in-class polarized lens manufacturers, we are able to ensure that our products contain the latest polarizing technology, meeting global sunglass lens standards

ultra polarizer

Glare-blocking technology​

INVU Ultra Polarized Lens Story 1

The ultra polarized filter is the heart of the INVU nine-layer lens. This unique and highly efficient center layer selectively eliminates reflected glare, offering crystal clear, glare-free vision.

Ultra Polarizer
INVU Ultra Polarized Santorini

color enhancement

For brilliant color perception and better contrast

INVU Ultra Polarized Lens Story 2

The technology in the ultra polarizer and the color enhancement layers work hand in hand to give consumers the best possible vision. The ultra polarizer removes the glare, while the color enhancement layer boosts contrasts and color perception.

Side by Side Visual Balloons

Color enhanced vision with INVU ultra polarized sunglasses

Colour Enhancer

uv filter

Blocks all harmful UV rays and provides 100% UV-400 protection

INVU Ultra Polarized Lens Story 3

Exposure to UV light can cause serious eye damage such as macular degeneration or cataracts on the cornea of the eye. The UV protection layer of the INVU ultra polarized lens completely blocks all UV rays up to 400 nanometers while allowing useful light to pass through to the eye.

INVU Ultra Polarized Lens Story UV Filter
UV Filter

exceptional impact resistance

To safely enjoy outdoor sports activities

INVU Ultra Polarized Lens Story 4

This flexible layer safely absorbs physical shock and strengthens the lens structure. The multi-layer construction of the INVU ultra polarized lens makes the lens virtually unbreakable. INVU ultra polarized lenses can therefore be safely used for all sports and outdoor activities.

INVU Ultra Polarized Lens Story Impact
Impact Absorber

anti scratch

Long lasting enjoyment

INVU Ultra Polarized Lens Story 5

Scratches on sunglass lenses negatively impact vision. INVU ultra polarized lenses have a precision hard coat layer that helps prevent scratching thus allowing sunglass wearers to enjoy their INVU sunglasses for a long period time.

INVU Ultra Polarized Lens Story Anti Scratch
Scratch Resistance
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INVU Lens Features

lens features

INVU and Swiss Eyewear Group offer a large variety of premium lens and coating options. Each of the options is a result of the latest and most advanced technologies with the objective of offering retailers and consumers the best value for money and an incredible visual experience.

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