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INVU Sustainable Sunglasses

sustainable sunglasses

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This special INVU collection combines frames made with recycled plastic with ultra polarized lenses
INVU Sustainable Sunglasses

With Tritan Renew, eyewear user around the globe can be both, environmentally responsible and fashionable. The innovative, new material has all the properties of top-of-the-line traditional eyewear materials with the added advantage of being made from recycled landfill materials.

environmental impact

  • Lowers greenhouse gas emissions and reduces carbon footprint 

  • Upcycles plastic waste from landfills and replaces fossil-based resources

  • With Tritan Renew 13 tons of plastic waste can be turned into 1 million pairs of high-quality sunglasses



  • Highly durable frame material for product longevity

  • Superior shatter resistance for increased safety

  • Hypoallergenic and BPA free

the technology

From plastic waste to high quality eyewear


INVU-Sustainable_Step-1 Waste Materials

Waste material from landfills


INVU Sustainable Step 3 Resin

Upcycling into granulate thermoplastic resin


INVU Sustainable Step 2 Building-blocks

Broken down into molecular building blocks


INVU Sustainable Step 4 Sunglasses

Crafted into high quality, sustainable eyewear

INVU Sustainable 2024 Waterfall Visual

the sustainable collection 2024

Made with Tritan Renew™ sustainable material from Eastman

Sustainable Eyewear sunglasses case and cloth made from recycled plastic bottles
Sustainable Eyewear Icon

The INVU sustainable eyewear zip case and cleaning cloth are made from recycled plastic bottles.

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