INVU gives consumers the ultimate visual experience by offering exceptional lens performance and stunning sunglass designs at an affordable price.
Swiss Eyewear Group was founded in 2013 by a select group of eyewear experts with more than 120 years combined industry experience. We specialize in designing, producing and distributing high quality, affordable eyewear globally. INVU ultra polarized was brought to market with the clear objective of launching the next generation global polarizing brand. Combining extraordinary lens performance, Swiss engineering and beautifully crafted frames, INVU offers an exceptional experience and unmatched value for consumers worldwide. INVU is a registered trademark of Swiss Eyewear Group (International) AG and is currently distributed in more than 90 countries worldwide. Find out more at

Exceptional quality
Swiss Eyewear Group, together with its certified manufacturing partners, has implemented rigid quality control and sampling plans to ensure an exceptional customer experience. Our Swiss engineering combined with our premium materials and state-of-the-art polarizing lens technology guarantees that all global sunglass standards are meet and exceeded.
Excellence in design and engineering
All product designs and engineering are managed by Swiss Eyewear Group's Design Team in Zurich Switzerland. Only high quality materials are used for our precision molding process. With our passion for design and love for fashion and details, we craft our sunglasses to aesthetic excellence. INVU is the perfect fusion of style and performance.
The best value
The INVU ultra polarized brand was created to provide the best value for money worldwide. Unlike most fashion focused brands that are positioned at Euro 100+ and offer little to no functionality, INVU offers great designs along with the high performing, INVU ultra polarized lens. Retailing at Euro 50 – 80, INVU offers an unmatched value for consumers worldwide.